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Black Girls Cry book

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Black Girls Cry: 10 Active and Passive Strategies for Healing from the Death of A Loved One by Dr. Ngonzi Truth Crushshon, Psy.D. a licensed eligible psychologist from Chicago, Illinois.

Have you experienced the death of a loved one? Are you having difficulty working through your grief? Are you wondering how long will my grief last? What ways can I effectively cope with grief? How can I help my loved one cope with grief? Do I need a grief counselor or grief support group?

Dr. Crushshon takes the reader through the symptoms of grief, definitions of grief terms, stages of grief, active vs. passive grief, grief vs. depression, how women vs. men cope with grief and finally her personal journey coping with grief/the loss of her loved one. She offers an extensive bibliography and a plethora of grief resources including websites, grief counselors, grief camps, grief groups, grief books/cellphone apps and online counseling to help the reader cope with their grief.

Dr. Crushshon offers practical suggestions and resources for women, men, teens and children.

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